All residential students get 34 included laundry cycles per semester.  Students are able to apply the following payment methods for their laundry cycle usage:

  1. Coin payment
  2. Debit & Credit card payment
  3. “Free Allowance” cycle usage if the SQ app is used to facilitate funds for laundry service

All university residence halls (except 1959 E Street and South Hall) have laundry facilities in common areas, either on each floor or in one central location in the building, usually on the first floor or the basement levels.

·  All operating directions are posted on bulletin boards in the laundry rooms.

·  Washers and dryers are both priced at $1.75 per use. 

Time To Do Laundry

Use the Speed Queen App to pay for and monitor your laundry.  Please refer to the instructions listed below for more information on installing and using the Speed Queen app.

  • Download the Speed Queen app.
  1. LOG IN
  • Username: Student email address
  • Password: GWid number + WASH in capital letters
  • Tap “Add location” and enter: GWU001
  • Locate your laundry room, then select the machine you wish to use.
  1. PAY
  • Use your laundry allowance to start the machine. You may add additional funds if necessary, with your credit card/debit card.Coin payment is still accepted at the machine.

For more information on how to use the Speed Queen app, washers, dryers, and other tips, visit

Report a Laundry Problem

·  Submit a FixIt ticket and select the Washer and Dryer option to report a mechanical problem with a laundry machine.

·  Call Caldwell & Gregory Laundry at 1-800-927-9274 or [email protected] to request a refund for coins used in laundry cycles that did not work.