Parking Services maintains the garages and lots at the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, and Virginia Science and Technology campuses.

Currently, we have 24 garages and lots on the Foggy Bottom campus, one main garage on the Mount Vernon campus, and a main lot at each of our Virginia Science and Technology Campus buildings.


Manage Your Parking Account

To access your parking account, login using your GW NetID and password. In your parking account, you will be able to add vehicle information, purchase a parking permit, and pay or appeal citations.

Manage Your Parking Account

Pay Your Parking Ticket

Make sure you have the citation number, corresponding vehicle license plate number/state, and desired payment method. If you wish to appeal a citation, you will need to login to your parking account (using your GW NetID and password), or if you’re a visitor, create a guest account. 

Pay Your Parking Ticket

Touchless Parking

Touchless Ticket Dispenser


Wave your hand across the ticket sensor (next to the “press the ticket button”) rather than pressing the button to retrieve your entry parking ticket.

GW Monthly & Debit Parker

While scanning your GWorld access card, please refrain your hand or arm from waiving towards the sensor. Extend your hand directly to the card reader and tap for entry.

What if a Ticket Comes Out When I’ve Tapped my Card?

Debit Parker- Keep your ticket and upon exit, scan your entry ticket, the cost of parking will appear, then tap your GWorld card or insert your card for payment if prompted.

Monthly Parker- Keep your ticket and upon exit, scan your entry ticket, press intercom for parking staff assistance.