Shipping to GW

Mailing Addresses

To ensure timely and accurate delivery, please ask anyone sending you mail or packages to use your complete campus address and the 20052 ZIP Code for the Foggy Bottom campus and the 20007 ZIP Code for the Mount Vernon campus. When addressing mail and packages, do not forget to include the resident's full name and room number. Always use the complete mailing address. Mail and packages received with missing or incorrect name or address information will be subject to delivery delays.

When you receive notifications from your purchasing agents it will likely indicate “delivered” or “delivered to agent”. This notification does not necessarily mean that Mail Services has your package in our possession. When you receive a notification from MPS then your package is available for pickup.

Foggy Bottom Mailing Addresses

Foggy Bottom Mail and packages going to residents should be addressed like this:

Full Name (as it appears on your university ID)

Residence Hall Name, Room Number

Residence Hall Street Address

Washington, DC 20052


Martha Washington

Thurston Hall #603

1900 F Street, NW

Washington, DC 20052


Mount Vernon Mailing Addresses

Mount Vernon Campus Halls: Cole, Clark, Hensley, Merriweather, West Hall (formerly Pelham Hall) & Somers Hall

Mailing Address & Format:

Student Name

The George Washington University

2100 Foxhall Road, NW

Residence Hall, Room Number

Washington, DC 20007