Faculty & Staff Parking

Registering for Parking

All faculty and staff must sign-up for and cancel parking privileges at the Faculty & Staff Service Center (FSSC). When signing up for parking, employees must present valid vehicle registration and current GWorld identification to receive the parking permit decals. Arrangements for an employee's parking must be made by the faculty or staff member and cannot be made by another staff member or by a department. Parking decals cannot be sent through the mail. If you lose your parking decal and need to replace it staff and faculty are required to pay $1.  

For information on parking during COVID-19 please contact the FSSC at [email protected].

Canceling Parking

To stop payroll deductions for parking, complete a Parking Termination Form (PDF) and turn it in at the FSSC. Faculty members who do not wish to have parking privileges during the summer months or while on sabbatical, must cancel parking.

Personnel in a Leave of Absence or Leave Without Pay status (LOA/LWOP)

When an employee is placed in a LOA/LWOP status, regardless of the reason, it is the employee's responsibility to contact the FSSC at the beginning of the leave period. The processing of personnel forms does not complete this process. If an employee fails to cancel parking, accrued payments will be applied upon return from LOA/LWOP for the period in which no payroll deductions were made. No exceptions will be made regarding collection of fees due upon return from leave. Employees who cancel their parking will be given first priority on the waiting list if a space is not available upon return.


Personnel who are retiring during the academic term and have payroll deductions for parking should notify the FSSC prior to retirement.

Foggy Bottom Campus Faculty and Staff Rates

Please fill out a GW Parking Payroll form (PDF) and submit it to the Faculty & Staff Service Center via email at [email protected].

Foggy Bottom Daily Parking 

  • Occasional GWorld Debit Parker (before 5pm) $16.50

  • Occasional GWorld Debit Parker (after 5pm–9am): $12

  • Weekend Rate: $12 daily

Faculty & Staff Monthly Parking

Monthly Parking Rates Current Rates Salary <$50K Salary $50-90K
Foggy Bottom Garage & Lots $285 $200 $228
The Aston Rate $230 $161 $184
Foggy Bottom Carpool $158 $158 $158
Motorbike $120 $120


Mount Vernon Campus Garage $225 $158 $184

The annual fee for parking is $3,360. Payment in full for the year can be made on a contract permit by Visa or MasterCard at the Faculty & Staff Service Center with the appropriate forms.

Mount Vernon Campus

Mount Vernon campus parking permits are restricted to Faculty and Staff members who primarily work or have offices located on the Mount Vernon campus. 

Virginia Science and Technology Campus

Daily parking is available at no charge for VSTC students, faculty and staff at the campus.

GW Carpool Incentive

If you are interested in carpooling initiatives please email [email protected].

Registered carpoolers with Parking Services pay $158 per month on the Foggy Bottom campus. This semester Mount Vernon campus is closed due to COVID and as a result there are no parking rates. 

A carpool is an arrangement among a group of automobile owners by which each owner, in turn, drives the other to and from a designated place, in this case, work at GW. In order to receive GW's carpool incentive, two or more GW employees must be signed up for the program. Parking fees will be paid via payroll deduction and the fee will be divided equally amongst the registered carpoolers.

Faculty and Staff Parking Locations

GW staff may obtain a parking permit at the Faculty & Staff Service Center.

Monthly Parking Permits

Once a Monthly Parking Permit is obtained, the parker will be assigned a garage and may only park in this assigned location. Staff must use their GWorld to access garages.

Occasional Parking 

GWorld Debit Parkers can park in any parking garage designated for occasional parking and must use their GWorld for access. A minimum $16.50 is required on their GWorld in order to gain access as an occasional parker. Failure to meet this requirement will result in paying daily visitor rates. 

For ADA parking arrangements 8am–5pm, contact Transportation & Parking Services at (202) 994-7199 or [email protected]. For ADA accommodations related to monthly permits contact parkingper[email protected].  

Garage Address Permit
**G Street

2028 G Street, NW
Entrances on both 20th and 21st streets between F and G street

Law School Only Debit/Monthly
Elliott School (Currently Closed)

1957 E Street, NW
Entrance on 19th Street near E Street

NOTE: Cars remaining after this garage's 11pm closing (M-F) may be retrieved the next business day.

GWorld Debit/Monthly
Amsterdam Hall

2350 H Street, NW
Entrance on H Street near 22nd Street

University Student Center

800 21st Street, NW
Entrance on H Street near 21st Street

GWorld Debit/Monthly
Media and Public Affairs Building

805 21st Street, NW
Entrance on H Street


(Upper & Lower)

2201 H Street, NW
Entrance on H Street between 22nd and 23rd streets

Faculty Only
Ross Hall

830 23rd Street, NW
Entrance on 23rd Street


1922 F Street, NW
(Upper & Lower)

1922 F Street, NW
Entrance on 20th Street near F Street, follow signs at entrance

Shenkman Hall

616 23rd Street, NW
Entrance on Virginia Ave

South Hall

2135  F Street,NW
Entrance on F Street

The Dakota

2100 F Street, NW
Entrance on F Street at rear of 2112 F Street, NW

Lerner Health & Wellness Center

2301 G Street, NW
Entrance on G Street

Square 54

2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Entrance on 22nd Street between Eye Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

MFA, UHS, Physician, Resident
**Academic Center

801 22nd Street, NW
Entrance on Eye Street

GWorld Debit/Monthly

Mount Vernon campus

2100 Foxhall Road, NW

GWorld Debit/Monthly

**Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GW has installed electric vehicle charging stations in the Academic Center, Law Learning Center/G Street Garage and Science and Engineering Hall Parking Garages. Learn more about the ChargePoint Network or email [email protected] if you have questions about the on-campus stations.