Dual Campus Parking Request Form

If you are a parking permit holder at either Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon, you may be eligible to park at both campuses for no extra fee if you conduct university business at both locations on a routine basis.
Please note that your primary parking location must be where you conduct the majority of your university business. Permit holders who are approved for dual parking rights will receive additional details about access and parking locations.

Dual Campus Parking Policy

  • Dual parking privileges are intended for Faculty and Staff who routinely have a need to be on both campuses during the day or week for business purposes.
  • Note that street parking in the Mount Vernon campus neighborhood, or in the parking lots of St. Patricks’ School is strictly prohibited. Drivers to Mount Vernon Campus must utilize the MVC Parking Garage
  • Faculty and staff members requesting dual campus parking access must have an active payroll deduction permit.  If payroll deductions are suspended or terminated, then so will dual campus parking access.
  • The employee’s primary office will determine the parking permit primary location. (e.g. If majority of time parked is spent at the Foggy Bottom campus, monthly parking deductions will be charged at the Foggy Bottom rates)
  • Mt. Vernon campus permit holders requesting dual parking access to Foggy Bottom’s campus, will be provided garage access to the closest reasonable garage at the discretion of the Parking Services office.
  • Dual campus parking access will be added to the faculty or staff member’s GWorld card.  It is intended only for the requester and may not be shared with other individuals.
  • Dual campus parking access only permits one vehicle from parking on either the Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon campus at a time.


If you have any questions regarding the dual campus access program, please email or call Parking Services at 202-994-7199.

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