Student Parking

Students are discouraged from bringing vehicles to the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses and first-year and second-year students are prohibited from doing so other than in exceptional circumstances. If third- and fourth-year students choose to bring a vehicle to campus, they are encouraged to park in the university parking facilities located throughout the Foggy Bottom campus.

Students who are eligible to park at GW will only be assigned parking privileges on the campus where they reside or take the majority of their credit hours.

Please note when a student applies for parking online, they will need to register their primary vehicle.

  • Apply for a parking permit.

  • Parking garage access is automatically assigned to your GWorld card 15-20 minutes after purchasing your permit.  

  • Your vehicle information (license plate state & number, make, model, color, and year) serves as your parking permit.  Please provide accurate information registering your vehicle when purchasing a permit.

  • Students eligible for parking privileges may only park one vehicle on campus at a time.  Purchasing multiple permits for additional vehicles or for the benefit of another student, roommate, family member, etc., is prohibited.

  • Students requesting a decal to park on the Mount Vernon campus must reside in a Mount Vernon residence hall or must have the majority of their classes scheduled on the Mount Vernon campus. 

  • The semester is defined as from the start of each semester when the residence halls are officially opened for move-in, to he end of the semester when the residence halls close.

  • If you are a first- or second-year student and have an extenuating circumstance that requires you to have a car on campus, please fill out the Parking Requirement Exemption Request Form (PDF).

Student Rates

Foggy Bottom Campus*

Daily Rate (6–2am): $16.50

Evening Rate (after 5pm): $12 

Weekend Daily Rate: $12

Monthly Permit: $230

Semester Permit: $920 

Graduate Assistants and Third- and Fourth-Year Medical Students*

Graduate Assistants and third- and fourth-year Medical Students may purchase a minimum of two weeks of parking for monthly permits. 

Half Month Permit: $115
Monthly Permit: $230 

Mount Vernon Campus*

In an effort to better utilize the available parking on the Mount Vernon Campus and support the neighboring community, Parking Services will now be providing the first three (3) hours of parking for free in the MVC parking garage for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Garage parking is still free on weekends (Sat 12am – Sun 11:59pm). 

Please note that parking on Whitehaven Pkwy NW is reserved for St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church and Day School.   Parking on the roads and fire lanes on campus is also prohibited.

Daily GW Rate (0-3 hours): Free

Daily GW Rate (3-24 hours): $13

Daily GW Rate (evening after 5pm): $7

Daily Weekend Rate (Sat 12am - Sun 11:59pm): Free

Virginia Science and Technology Campus

Daily parking is available at no charge for VSTC students, faculty and staff at this campus.


*All fees include DC's 18% parking tax.

Student Parking Locations

Only third- and fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students may apply for parking permits.

Occasional Permit Holders/Commuter Students

GWorld Debit Parkers can park in any parking garage designated for occasional parking and must use their GWorld for access. A minimum $16.50 is required on their GWorld in order to gain access as an occasional parker. Failure to meet this requirement will result in paying daily visitor rates. 

Garage Address Permit
G Street

2028 G Street, NW
Entrances on both 20th and 21st streets between F and G street

Law School Only Debit/Monthly
Elliott School 

1957 E Street, NW
Entrance on 19th Street between E and F streets, NW
NOTE: Cars remaining after this garage's 11pm closing (M-F) may be retrieved the next business day.

GWorld Debit/Monthly
Amsterdam Hall

2350 H Street, NW
Entrance on 24th Street just South of H Street NW

University Student Center Garage

800 21st Street, NW
Entrance on H Street near 21st Street

GWorld Debit/Monthly

Media and Public Affairs Building


805 21st Street, NW
Entrance on H Street




(Upper & Lower)

2201 H Street, NW

Entrance on H Street between 22nd and 23rd streets

Faculty Only
Ross Hall

830 23rd Street, NW
Entrance on 23rd Street


1922 F Street, NW
(Upper & Lower)

1922 F Street, NW
Entrance on 20th Street near F Street, follow signs at entrance

Shenkman Hall**

616 23rd Street, NW
Entrance on Virginia Ave

South Hall**

2135  F Street,NW
Entrance on F Street

The Dakota

2100 F Street, NW
Entrance on F Street at rear of 2112 F Street, NW

Lerner Health & Wellness Center

2301 G Street, NW
Entrance on G Street

Square 54

2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Entrance on 22nd Street between Eye Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

MFA, UHS, Physician, Resident
Academic Center

801 22nd Street, NW
Entrance on Eye Street

GWorld Debit/Monthly

Mount Vernon campus

2100 Foxhall Road, NW

GWorld Debit/Monthly


**Parking at South and Shenkman Halls

Shenkman and South Halls require a puck/transponder in order to access those garages. Students will need to pick it up from the Parking Services Office, located on the P1 level of the 2028 G St., NW Garage (P1-001, next to the entry/exit lanes) before the car can be parked. A $50 refundable deposit is required to receive the transponder. The $50 is returned when the puck/transponder is returned at the end of the semester or academic year.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GW has installed electric vehicle charging stations in the Academic Center, Law Learning Center/G Street Garage and Science and Engineering Hall Parking Garages. Learn more about the ChargePoint Network or email [email protected] if you have questions about the on-campus stations.