U-Pass® in Apple Wallet

If you have an iPhone 8 (or newer) and/or an Apple Watch Series 5 (or newer) running on the latest version of iOS; in just a few easy steps, you can now transfer your plastic U-Pass card to Apple Wallet. Once your card is transferred to the Apple Wallet, simply hold the back of your iPhone or Apple Watch near a Metro faregate or farebox card reader (2-3 inches above it is ideal) to pay with U-Pass.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Watch this short video to see how easy it is to transfer your existing U-Pass card to Apple Wallet.

Enter the unique date of birth and phone number for your school provided below:

School Name: George Washington University

Date of Birth: December 14, 2021

Phone Number: 202-000-0000


For the best experience, turn on Express Transit for your U-Pass card in the settings for Wallet & Apple Pay.  Follow the instructions here: Use Express Mode for Transit Cards in Apple Wallet. With Express Transit turned on for UPass, just tap and go.

  • After you transfer your plastic GW U-Pass to Apple Wallet, your plastic card will be deactivated and can’t be used again.
  • Check out Metro’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Please reach out to our UPASS team with any questions or for program information. For more information on how to transfer U-Pass to Apple Wallet visit https://www.wmata.com/fares/U-Pass/U-Pass-in-Apple-Wallet.cfm or call (888) SMARTRIP (888-762-7874).